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OUR passion

Being a Thai citizen for over 30 years, we love the taste of our traditional Thai food. But because of our working conditions, we had to travel a lot. It was difficult for us to find the right Thai taste to our liking. Even though they were as good as we wanted them to be, they were still too expensive to be a daily meal. Our family has known for a long time what real Thai food looks like. So we researched the ingredients for our family in Thailand who own the restaurant in Bangkok and learned online for a while. But we also had to adapt some ingredients because some things were not available in Paris. Sometimes later we started to improve our cooking skills.


Then, the idea is to share our Thai tastes with the locals. So we wanted to create our own Thai Food Truck, it took us a long time to put everything in place. But now that we have finally made it, our family wants to share our taste with you.


We hope you enjoy your Thai taste journey with us.

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